“We DO pet care… we OFFER peace of mind!”
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About Us

Thank you for visiting The Ruff House web site. We started off with a building, an idea, and plenty of experience — 35 years of handling dogs. The business was born in 2005 and continues to grow daily. A mother/daughter endeavor has made this business become what it is. We set out to give the best care to all animals that come into our facility and to allow them to expel energy while their owners are away from them. The goal is to send home a happy and tired pet which allows the parents a more peaceful and relaxing evening. A tired dog is a good dog.

Our setting offers a home atmosphere to all visitors. While we are a business we also live on-premises and we want to portray to our four-legged guests the feeling of being in a home and feeling comfortable. Well-supervised daycare play time gives way to our ruff-housers who love games, toys, swimming, and just being a dog. They learn to socialize with other four-leggers as well as the human two-leggers. Fun is the name of this game here.

Boarding is a vacation resort for your furry friend! We include walks on leash during weekend visits, along with socialization with our visitors. All boarders are included in daycare activities.

We encourage training to all pets, and enforce training while the pet is at our facility. We treat each guest as if they were our own — with tender-loving care.

Grooming is the ultimate experience for all pets who come here to indulge. They are pampered from beginning to end — or should we say from nose to tail! High-quality products are used to give them the softest fur, conditioned skin, and a beautiful look that all tail-wagers want. Yep, they feel good. We treat each client with a gentle touch and cater to our seniors as well as the young. All sizes and breeds are welcome, we offer professional grooming with a touch of the spa.

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We DO pet care … We OFFER peace of mind!


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